Our Team

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Winston Calvert
Chief Executive Officer

Andria Nelson Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Wayne Knight
Chief Financial Officer


  Name Title Phone
  Shana Burnett
Accountant 314-624-1575
  Britton Clemons Managing Director of Equity Homes Construction 314-624-1581
  Erin Coleman Receptionist 314-776-9617
  Courtney Corman Director of Data & Analytics 314-776-9619
  Jacqui Davis Demolition Manager/Director of Housing Strategies 314-624-1582
  Alice Davis-Wiley Service Impact Manager 314-776-9622
  Casey Dupent Office Manager 314-776-9618
  Neosha Franklin
Vice President of Engagement 314-776-9633
  Brian Krueger Community Liaison 314-624-1592
  Alex McCarthy
Communications Coordinator 314-776-9631
  Gabby Ochoa
Service Coordinator 314-776-9632
  Natasha Olufson Executive Assistant 314-776-9614
  Ailey Pope Director of Service 314-776-9615
  Kim Price Accounting Clerk 314-624-1574
  Nikki Williams Executive Assistant 314-776-9616

Are you ready to buy a home?

Equity Homes is not a traditional homebuilder. Through the generous support of donors, we are able to Build Equity for both individuals and their communities by providing financial support for the development and construction of affordable quality single-family homes.

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