Jamal Williams' family copy


"To whom it may concern, My name is Jamel Williams, and I am a first time homeowner with Equity Homes. This was one of the happiest moments in my life outside of the birth of my children. Equity Homes helped me to achieve my dreams and goals as a homeowner. Brian Krueger is truly a God sent to me and my family. He believed in us and helped us through this entire process of homeownership.
The entire staff at Equity Homes made our dreams come true from the first time I was shown this home I knew it was our home even when it appeared not so appealing to the eyes. To see the vision the staff had for this home and to bring it to pass and now we can say we do not just have a house, but we have a home.
Every day I put my keys in the door or open up my garage I just smile because I finally can say this home belongs to us. So my experience with Equity Homes has been a wonderful experience from the start to the finish. As long as people listen to the steps you are directed to take to get you in position to purchase your dream home then this team will definitely make your dreams come true every step of the way.
Thank you everyone at Equity Homes, we love our home"
- Jamel Williams and Family

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Equity Homes is not a traditional homebuilder. Through the generous support of donors, we are able to Build Equity for both individuals and their communities by providing financial support for the development and construction of affordable, quality single-family homes.

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